Effective Learning

All studentscan benefit from help with developing their study skills. OurEffective Learning Service is a free and confidential service which is tailored to meetindividual needs. The service is inclusive and we are committed to providing guidance thatmeets the specific learning and teaching needs of all students, including disabled and deaf students andthose with dyslexia.

OurEffective Learning Tutors are available to provide assistance on a range of topicsincluding:

  • Improving the quality of your written assignments
  • Referencing
  • Critical thinking
  • Managing your time
  • Reading strategies and note-making
  • Revision and exam techniques

Who can benefit from the service?
The service is open to any student wishing to strengthen their study skills at any point intheir academic life. This includes: undergraduates, postgraduates, part-time students, studentsexperiencing difficulties with their work due to an impairment such as dyslexia, and those whosefirst language is not English.

What support is available?
The service is provided on a flexible basis including one-to-one appointments, workshops andonline support.Currently, the service is available on the following days:


Day Time
Tuesday 122pm
Thursday 9.30am – 11.30am
Friday 4-6pm

How long do appointments last?
One to one forty-minute appointments can be made to discuss general study skills issues or specificassignments. (With regard to the latter it is advisable to bring a draft copy of your work along,preferably on a USB and to make the appointment at least a week prior to thedate the assignment is due to be handed in.) An initial 15-minute appointment will also be arrangedfor students with a Learning Agreement to discuss how ongoing support can be provided.

How do I arrange online support?
Work should not be sent without prior agreement and in the first instance, you should email toarrange this type of support. Please emailels@rcs.ac.uk. A selection of useful handouts is available inthe area outside Academic Administration and Support on the ground floor. Topics include citing andreferencing for both drama and music students, conventions of essay and dissertation writing andaspects of study skill approaches.

How can I find out about Study Skills Workshops?
A range of Study Skills Workshops will be held throughout the academic year. These will covertopics such as essay writing, note-making, exams and revision, and time management.Dates andtimes will be advertised on the student intranet and on notice boards at the Royal Conservatoire.Lecturers and Course Organisers may also arrange specific study skills workshops to meet therequirements of their students.In this instance, your department will inform you of the timeand date of the workshop.

How do I make an appointment or register for a workshop?
Please contact Reception at Academic Administration and Support (Room 1.12):

Telephone: 0141270 8241
Text direct: 18001 141 2708 241