Welcome to the RCS Students’ Union

RCS Students’ Union is the lively, colourful heart of the student experience at the Conservatoire and the great thing is every student is automatically a member. Whether it’s helping to get you settled into this exciting chapter of your life or making events to celebrate diversity within the Conservatoire – RCSSU is all about benefiting you as a student.

We’re here from the beginning

  • Welcoming international students off the plane
  • Helping move your luggage into Base Glasgow
  • Showing you the famous nightlife & scenery that Glasgow & Scotland has to offer during Fresher’s Week
  • Being there as you take a leap into this new part of your life

During your studies

  • We’re right here, our office is located at the Renfrew Street building
  • Working with staff across the Conservatoire to improve your education
  • Working with the National Union of Students, Association of European Conservatoire’s Student Group and Conservatoire UK Student Network to amplify your voice nationally and internationally
  • Being an informal ear when you’re experiencing things like homesickness and financial challenges

Coming together

  • Celebrating through Ceilidh’s, balls, trips, nights out (and in)
  • Being a platform to set up societies so you can meet others who care about what you do
  • Providing opportunities to stay active through RCS Sports
  • Building links with nearby Universities to facilitate exciting cross-art form collaborations

Say “hello”:
President John Anthony Craig – SUPresident@rcs.ac.uk
Vice-President (Music) Ken Fairbrother – SUMusic@rcs.ac.uk
Vice-President (DDPF) Zweyla Mitchell dos Santos – SUDDPF@rcs.ac.uk

If you’d like to get in touch by email with a current student from your course prior to your arrival we have a number of Student Experience Representatives who will act as ‘buddies’ and answer any questions you have about settling into life in Glasgow. They’ll also be more than happy to meet up with you during Welcome and Transitions Week in September if you wish to arrange this. The Reps are selected by programme of study for the School of Dance, Drama, Production and Film and by department within the School of Music.

They are elected each year in a manner decided by the SU Council and their role, as well as that of ‘buddy’ to new students, is to represent student interests within the Student Union Council and other relevant committees. They focus on customary governance, estate and other transitional matters relating to students. The remit differs from that of a Programme Committee Representative who seek feedback from students directly related to their programme of study. Your Student Experience Representatives for the academic year 2020/2021 (and the summer break preceding this) are as follows:

School of Dance, Drama, Production and Film

BA Acting – Vacant

BA Musical Theatre – Marc MacMillan and Daniella Damptey

BA Contemporary Performance Practice – Gudrun Schmidinger

BA Production Arts and Design – Rebekka Richter

BA Production Technology and Management – Ruby Noble and Euan Dyer

BA Filmmaking – Abbie Menzies

MA Classical and Contemporary Text and MA Musical Theatre –

BA Modern Ballet – Mila Evans and Ava McEvoy

BA Performance in British Sign Language and English – Claire Wetherall

School of Music

Brass – David Horne

Composition –

Guitar and Harp – Evan Dim

Jazz –

Keyboard – Nikita Lukinov

Strings – Jasmine Ong

Timpani and Percussion –

Traditional Music – Josephine de Geer and Emily Shields

Vocal Studies –

Opera –

Woodwind – Paulina Klamut and Bogdan Jeler

BEd – Jade Bonnar


Research –