Private accommodation

Glasgow is a city of some 80,000 students so there is a lot of accommodation available. Base Glasgow is where we suggest all new students live but if you would prefer to live elsewhere there are many other high-quality student residences in Glasgow. Some are within easy travelling distance of RCS. For further information please read Accommodation in Glasgow.

If you’re an overseas student and would like to rent a flat, it is advisable that you come over as early as you can before the start of your programme in order to secure accommodation (subject to the start date of your visa). However, you should bear in mind that many continuing students start looking for September-start accommodation several months in advance and many letting agencies will not rent out a property to someone who has not viewed it in person. Visit Renting Scotland’s website for advice on looking for a place to rent.

Many students use Gumtree to find housing. It can be very useful but you must exercise caution when replying to advertisements on the internet. Police Scotland advise students to watch out for rental scams.

Further advice
If you would like further advice or information on finding accommodation in Glasgow, our International and Student Experience team via

Guarantor advice
Citizens Advice have information on student housing andusing guarantors.