Undergraduate Funding

If you are an undergraduatestudent from Wales you can make an application for funding (WGLG – Welsh Government Learning Grant or Special Support Grant – SSG)onlinethroughStudentFinance Wales. You can also applyonlinefor your tuition fee loan andyour maintenanceloan. The deadline for applying is usually in April of theyear you intend to begin studies, but it is your responsibility to check the Student Finance Waleswebsite for any changes in deadlines. You don’t need to have applied for a course or received anoffer in order to begin applying for funding it’s best to apply early to avoid anydisappointment.

Full information on available funding through grants and loans for students from Wales is available at:


Support from the Royal Conservatoire ofScotland

In addition to any support you may receive fromStudent Finance Wales, the Royal Conservatoire has introducedadditional scholarships for new Welsh students to partly offset the introduction of a higher levelof tuition fee. We will use the residual household income figure as calculated by the Student LoansCompany (SLC) when assessing scholarship entitlement. Depending on your residual household incomeyou will be guaranteed to receive the following level of scholarship for each year of your degreeprogramme if you are successful in taking up your offer of admissions to the Conservatoire. Youwill be able to use your scholarship to either contribute towards your tuition fee or towards yourgeneral living costs. Further details will be made available in due course.

Residual Household Income Royal Conservatoire Welsh Scholarship
Up to £25,000 £1,000
£25,001 to £30,000 £600
£30,001 to £35,000 £500

Postgraduate Funding

From 1 August 2019, students ordinarily resident in Wales (and those from the EU studying at a Welsh institution) may be entitled to a combination of loan and grant as a contribution to costs while studying a postgraduate Master’s degree course. The total amount of support available is non-means-tested and is paid directly to the student. The total support available to an eligible student is £17,000. A grant of up to £6,885 is available, depending upon household income. The balance of support is a loan.

Support comprises the following elements:

  • A non-means-tested contribution to costs base grant of £1,000 is available to all eligible students. ï‚·
  • An additional means-tested contribution to costs grant of £5,885 is available to eligible students with a household income of up to £18,370 per annum. For every £6.937 of household income per annum above this threshold, the amount of additional means-tested grant will be reduced by £1.
  • A non-means-tested contribution to costs loan is available to all eligible students. The amount of loan available will be equal to the level of total support (£17,000 in 2019/20) less the total grant (base grant plus additional grant) a student is eligible for.

For part-time study, support is allocated over the number of years the course is studied. Support is capped in each academic year; for example, £17,000 for a one year course, £8,500 per year for a course lasting two years and £4,250 per year for a course lasting four years. Full-time courses between one and two years are eligible for support. Part-time courses of up to four years are eligible for support.

Doctoral Loans

From 1 August 2019, students ordinarily resident in Wales and those from the EU studying at a Welsh institution may be entitled to support. Eligible students will be able to borrow up to a maximum of £25,700, as a contribution to costs, over the period of the doctoral programme. Courses can be full or part-time and be between three and eight years in length. Payments are made in tranches across the number of years of the doctoral programme.